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LED Light Wall

LED Light Wall

The LED light wall is from 40mm in depth and can be manufactured to any size up to 3 metres x 2 metres in one piece and can butt together to create super size illuminated walls. The light wall is illuminated using high bright white LEDs which are attached to the edge of the clear acrylic panel. The clear acrylic panel has a special series of lines etched into the surface to offer a very even light distribution. This is further enhanced with an opal acrylic diffuser panel located over the top giving a very even light distribution from edge-to-edge and illuminating the whole graphic area within its frameless structure. The high bright white LEDs are powered by a low voltage supply giving substantial energy savings in relation to traditional lighting techniques.

The display graphic can be supplied using various printing methods including: applied self-adhesive vinyl (printed or cut); directly printed onto the acrylic opal diffuser panel; or as a standard backlit print or Duratrans. Having a backlit print or Duratrans needs the addition of a clear front cover to the LED light wall. The LED light wall has many options and modifications that can be offered to suit various requirements including: a toughened glass or polycarbonate fascia, RGB colour changing LEDs and it can even be adapted for use outdoors.