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Fabric Face Light Box

fabric face light box

Fabric face frameless light boxes have been developed for the retail display environment with the visual merchandiser in mind. The light box has one of the easiest graphic changes available as the fabric graphic has a rubber edge which simply pushes into a channel in the aluminium profile around the edges of the frame. The fabric which the graphic is printed on is made from a flexible material that allows it to be stretched tight over the face of the light box frame, similar to a canvas print across a stretcher frame.

The other major benefit of fabric face light boxes is that they are frameless, a complete edge-to-edge printed area, giving the promotional graphic a fully impactful impression on the customer. These illuminated displays can be manufactured up to massive sizes in one continuous piece, covering the whole of a shop wall if required! This cannot be achieved with traditional light boxes as they rely on acrylic panels which are only available up to a 3m x 2m* whereas the fabric can be printed up to 5 metres wide in one piece and can also be stitched together for larger sizes.

The high quality graphic is printed onto the fabric using a dye sublimation process, which allows the graphic to stretch with the fabric. It has a non-reflective finish so doesn’t suffer from the glare of shop lights and can even be washed if required. The fabric material has an opal backing to ensure the light is diffused evenly across the graphic. The actual lighting for this illuminated sign is backlit and can be generated using either traditional fluorescent tubes or energy efficient LEDs.

Non-illuminated fabric frames are also available upon request.