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Edge-lit Light boxes

We offer a wide range of edgelit display light boxes giving you the best options for your illuminated display requirements. Your light box can be internal or external. You can order backlit light boxes in standard poster sizes A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 for next day delivery or you can have most light box styles made to measure to suit your requirements. You can have any light box supplied, fitted with an inkjet printed backlit film or a Lambda photographic Duratran print. We ensure our light boxes illuminate your graphic image with the most even light distribution possible, bringing your graphics to life and creating powerful eye catching displays. All of our light boxes are supplied with cable and plug so all you need to do is plug them in and you are away! Please select from the list below.

Razor LED ultra slim light boxRazor Ultra Slim Light box: LED, Indoor, Snap Frame.
The Razor LED light box is the ultimate ultra slim light box for promotional display graphics and our most popular light box, with high brightness, even light distribution and a snap frame for easy graphic changes. In stock for next day delivery!
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Lumiframe light boxLumiframe Light box: LED, Indoor, magnetic cover.
The LumiFrame lightbox has a built in LED light panel which gives it a modern looking slimline appearance. The subtle radius corner make it look like a smartphone or tablet device.
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Nebula light boxNebula Light box: LED, Indoor, Acrylic.
The Nebula LED Light Box has edge to edge illumination to offer a frameless solution. Only 40mm deep, the Nebula Light Box can be custom made to large sizes up to 3m x 2m.
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Tanto ultra slim light boxTanto Ultra Slim Light box: LED, Indoor, Lift-off Front Panel.
The Tanto LED light box is the thinnest light box available at only 24mm deep and it also offers high brightness and even light distribution and has a magnetic lift off front cover enabling extremely quick and easy graphic changes. In stock for next day delivery!
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Sabre ultra slim light boxSabre Slimline Light Box: Outdoor, Lockable Front Cover.
The Sabre light box is probably the thinnest outdoor light box available at at only 39mm deep. It has a locakable front cover which hinges open and closes onto a rubber seal making it water proof to 'IP66'. It also has the added benefit of a UV-resistant front protector panel to help prevent fading of promotional graphic prints.
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Scimitar ultra slim light boxScimitar Light Box: Outdoor, Toughened Glass, Lockable.
The Scimitar light box is a prestigious lightbox designed for larger outdoor advertising. The toughened glass front cover is hinged at the top and opening is aided by two gas stays. It locks in place and closes on a rubber seal to ensure it is water-proof to 'IP66'.
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Katana ultra slim light boxKatana Ultra Slim Light box: Indoor, Snap Frame.
The Katana Ultra Slim light box is the thinnest fluorescent tube illuminated light box produced. It uses T5 fluorescent tubes to edge illuminate an acrylic sheet which in turn back illuminates the backlit print. Easy graphic change is enabled by a front-loading snap frame.
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LED light wallLED Light Wall: Indoor, thin, edge lit
The LED light wall is from 30mm in depth and can be manufactured to any size up to 3 metres x 2 metres in one piece and can butt together to create super size illuminated walls. The light wall is illuminatedMore about this light box

We can produce photo quality inkjet prints onto backlit film or photographic Duratran prints for your light box, they can be designed by us or printed directly from your digital file. Any graphics printed by us can be fitted into your light box free of charge. Please contact us for a free quote.

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