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Apache Illuminated Totem

Apache Illuminated Totem

Our free-standing Apache Illuminated Totem display stand (or light column) is a backlit sign with a front loading snap frame which clasps the backlit prints in position on either side. The light column is illuminated on the inside to produce, what in essence is a free-standing double-sided backlit light box with a rounded face. Both sides of the illuminated monolith come with a panel of opal acrylic to diffuse the light and a clear anti-glare front sheet to prevent reflections. The panels are fixed into the unit in a rounded format for a greater viewing angle, creating a versatile promotional display which is not only visually agreeable but also particularly effective. The upright profiles and the top cover are produced from anodised aluminium and the base is fabricated from heavy steel which ensures the totem is exceptionally steady. The Illuminated Totem sign uses TL daylight fluorescent tubes and conforms to CE guidelines.